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Dr.Web CureIt! statistics

WARNING! By downloading the free version of Dr.Web CureIt! you agree that, while scanning your computer, Dr.Web CureIt! will be sending the scanning statistics and your system information to Doctor Web. This information will help Doctor Web analyse in-depth the global anti-virus security situation and perfect the detecting and curing routines incorporated into Dr.Web products.

No personal information that may help reveal your identity will be transmitted by Dr.Web CureIt! from your computer.

Information transferred during system scanning by Dr.Web CureIt!

  • CPU parameters (name, technical description, current and maximum speed, number of cores and logical processors).
  • RAM parameters (total and available at the time of scanning physical and virtual memory).
  • Operating system configuration (name, version, build, installed service packs, boot mode, current account privileges—user or administrator—, regional settings).
  • Information about the installed anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall.
  • Information about threats found by Dr.Web (type and name, type and name of infected objects, actions applied to the objects and, if necessary, their file hash).
  • Overall Dr.Web scanner statistics (scanning end time, total files and objects scanned, number of suspicious objects, number of detected malicious programs of each type).
  • Overall statistics about actions applied by the Dr.Web scanner (number of objects to which no action was applied and the number of cured, deleted, moved, renamed and ignored objects).

Such information is transmitted under Doctor Web's privacy policy:

The paid version of Dr.Web CureIt! has the option to reject sending statistics to Doctor Web.

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